The Small Things is a fanzine that will center around Kita Shinsuke, the captain of Inarizaki Volleball Team in Haikyuu. It will include both art and fic, as well as merch.



  • 8x5” size, estimated about 80 pages

  • SFW, gen zine

  • about 20 page artists, 10 writers, 4 merch artists



Head Mod

In charge of organization, finance, production, shipping, artists and editing.

Hi! I'm Lisa, and I love Kita more than anything!! This will be my 12th zine I've modded. Some zines include Evergreen, A Daisuga Zine, Moonrise, a Tsukishima Zine, and Guardians, a HQ Libero Zine. I have extensive background in editing, finance, and shipping in particular. In my spare time I like to cuddle my cat, Callie.


Communication Mod

In charge of social media and editing.

Hello, I'm Marge! I've modded a few zines in the HQ fandom, including Prodigy ♔ a Kageyama Tobio Zine, MOONSHADOW : a TKKG Zine, and Shooting Star ✫彡 a Yamaguchi Tadashi Zine, among others free projects for rare pairings smallish fandoms. I've also contributed to some zines as a writer! I'm really looking forward to how this zine turns out! In my spare time, you'll find me crying about manga in some corner in my house.


Graphics/Formatting/Artist Mod

Will work with all artists for feedback and guidance, as well as formatting the zine and creating the graphics for social media and promotion.

hello! I'm plum! ^o^ I've modded many zines as either graphics, formatting, and/or artist roles, including Stylish! A HQ Captains Zine, HQ Ever After, JJK Nightscape, and more! I've also contributed to many a zine as an artist, and am familiar with the process from inside to out. In my real life, I am a designer who likes making fun things, swimming in lakes, and doing backyard pottery.


What is a fan zine?
A fan zine is a compliation of works, in this case both written works and illustrations/comics, that are published in a booklet. All the works are based on a certain exisiting series, hence why it is a "fan" zine.

Who can apply?
Anyone over the age of 16! We are looking for both page/merch artists and writers for this project.

What are the guidelines for applications?
This can be found under our "Application Guidelines" page.

Is this project for-profit or charity?
Charity! The organization we will donate to will be decided amongst the chosen contributors at a later date.

Is this project SFW?
Yes! This project will be strictly SFW and ship-free.

Will this zine include spoilers?
Yes, if the creators decide to include spoilers in their work, that is fine.

How many contributors are you planning to include?
Right now, we are considering about 15 artists, 5 merch artists, and 10 writers. This is subject to change.

How will contributors be compensated?
All contributors are guaranteed a high-def PDF of the zine, as well as the printed zine itself. Full merch bundles and free shipping will be given to contributors if sales allow.

I have a question that hasn't been answered here!
Please e-mail [email protected] or DM us on twitter @KitaFanZine.


July 5th - August 5th: Interest Check
August 22nd - Sept. 12: Contributor Applications
Sept. 25 - 26: Contributor E-mails Sent
Oct. 3rd: Contributor Ideas Due
Oct. 18th: 1st Check-In
Nov. 15th: Second Check-In
December 12th: Final Check-In
Store Opens: January
Store Closes: February


artist + merch apps

Submit 3 of your best samples, along with a portfolio featuring at least 10 pieces. Backgrounds are preferred. Haikyuu!! art is preferred. No NSFW samples will be tolerated. Make sure your links are accessible!

writers apps

Submit 3 of your best samples, no longer than 3K per sample. Your portfolio must include at least 5 pieces. At least one sample must be a completed piece. Haikyuu!! fics are preferred. No NSFW samples will be tolerated. Make sure your links are accessible!

accepted contributor guidelines

Artists: 1- 8x5" page piece, 1- spread 8x10" piece, or 2-3 8x5" pages for a comic
Writers: Roughly 1K-2K words, subject to change
Merch Artists: Items to be determined from interest check


find us on social media and follow for more updates!

[email protected]